Eating out should be a special experience and we’d like each guest to feel that way; this applies to a sandwich, a rib-eye or a fancy tasting menu.  We hope we can make you feel like being at the pub is a special occasion in itself each time you visit.

Food is about flavour.  If it looks good too, bonus!  This is why our menus are written for each service, each day and are ingredient led.  Our philosophy is to let the ingredients shine and use skill and technique to serve delicious, seemingly simple food.

Team RL believes in a strong principle - for us it’s either local or it’s the best.  Often, it pleasantly turns out to be both.  We feel passionately about supporting local producers but equally excited about sourcing very special items from the area that does them best.  Wherever possible we spend the extra time and cost in using sustainable and ethically sound ingredients and practices.

We also welcome the challenge of producing as much as possible in-house, specifically things that people take for granted, like butter or ketchup, and are over-enthusiastic - some might say obsessive - about researching recipes and methods that best lend themselves to the task at hand.

So come on down to the Red Lion. With your dog, perhaps. Children are also welcome, unless accompanied by poorly-behaved parents. See you soon.