SUPPLIERS OF the red lion freehouse

— Name dropping? Nope. Just out-right bragging about these folks —


Moonraker Farm:

Alan from the completely organic Moonraker Farm, 5 miles away in Bottlesford, supplies us with the freshest eggs from his free range hens and when we’re extra lucky, the most incredible ‘specialist’ vegetables. Guy says: “basically, he’s a vegetable-growing genius”.

Ecopure Waters:

So exciting. We filter, carbonate and bottle all of our own water on site. My girl Karen supplied us with an amazing piece of kit that produces a fantastic, super-pure result. Aside from achieving a high quality, bottling on-site is a massive eco-friendly plus and totally sustainable with no food miles.

Walter Rose:

Walter Rose: Walter Rose of Devizes is one of the nation’s finest butchers. Andy is a proper, old-fashioned butcher whose business is delivering consistent quality and reliable service. Sometimes they visit 3 times in the same day…. usually bringing some of the well-known, locally farmed beef rib-eyes for 2 that haven't left our menu since 2008.

Wiltshire Truffles:

That's right. Truffles. From Wiltshire. And they're actually good too. Why in the world, we wonder, do our ever-so-lucky Wiltshire residents continue to buy imported, 'perfumed' truffle products when they can get the real deal right on their doorstep when they're in season? This keeps us awake at night. Guy has a borderline inappropriate relationship with Zak, the only truffle dealer (a fitting title for this line of work) with access to them and we get the very best ones. We even exclusively make Wiltshire truffle butter for sale here at the pub and through Wiltshire Truffle's website- all natural, no gimmicks.

Marlborough Mushrooms:

Dewi!! The jolliest Welshman to ever grow Japanese mushrooms in Wiltshire. He personally makes the short 15 mile journey to drop off shiitakes to the RL weekly. With incredible and well-deserved national recognition, there’s no denying this ‘local hero’ is an absolute fungal legend.

Stone, Vine & Sun:

Dear Simon, thank you for putting together the majority of our carefully-balanced wine list since the day we opened in 2008 - it’s almost annoying how constantly the single piece of paper is praised. You deserve a medal for your dedication to the RL in a number of ways, not to mention providing awesome wines often representing incredible value for money. But then again, we do spend lots of money with you so do we get a medal?

East Chisenbury:

Let’s not forget the good ol’ RL and its surrounding fruitful grounds! We have our own raised beds & greenhouse, rescue hens, West Berkshire piggies (sorry kids, their lives are short but happy), and other naturally generous areas of the village from which we harvest fruits and plants.

Keltic Seafare:

There is nowhere else anyone on earth should buy scallops from. They get a mention just for that. These monsters arrive alive and kicking, are as big as your hand and actively fight when you try and pry open their shells. Best defeated via caramelisation.

Somnus Luxury Beds:

This English owned and based company hand-crafts some of the finest beds available. Troutbeck’s mattresses are filled with Egyptian cotton, Yorkshire Dales eco wool, natural horse hair, mohair, silk (some of these from their own farm) and an intimidating number of springs. John at Salisbury’s Mylor & Mawes sorted us out big-time.

Everleigh Farmshop:

Just 5 miles up the road (literally up - it’s a big hill) lies Everleigh Farm. David and his team are the keepers of the best English asparagus and hands-down the best game available. Formerly open to the public, this ‘farmshop’ is now at the exclusive disposal of game greedy restaurants.

Chef's Delight:

Chef’s Delight: A very local Amesbury-based company providing the RL standard-worthy bulk of our cellulose needs. Nothing is too much for Malcolm and Jengiz, even if that means a second or third delivery and fifteen phone calls to get exactly what we’re looking for.

Ruby Red:

Rob from Ruby Red supplies us with all of our beer and soft drinks. He can usually find whatever we're looking for, to ensure we always have nothing but the best for all of you... He also gives great service too so we have what we need, when we need it.

Quintessentially English:

This family-run business (just in Lacock!) specially hand-makes all of our fine organic soaps & toiletries in tiny little batches. It took us 3 hours to leave Jacqui’s shop on our first visit, being so mesmerised by all the exquisite treasures and their perfectly balanced fragrances - the work of true craftswomen.

New Wave Seafoods:

Andy is the man to talk to in Gloucestershire. At 8am every morning, Andy calls to tempt us with his very fine, fresh wares. P.S. we particularly like the very nice lady who delivers our fish. She is just so refreshingly pleasant.

Bang & Olufsen:

Who better to provide the Rolls-Royce of televisions at Troutbeck than Gordon at Swindon’s B&O branch. No one can argue with the pure genius and unparalleled quality of their products - but the icing on the cake is their impeccable service to match. Gordon was with us every step of the way.

Henge Honey:

Mark Fife. Geneticist by day, honey maker by night. or maybe day as well.... not sure when he does it actually. But we do know it's nice honey. We sell it at the bar whenever Mark's got some for us, but also serve it with waffles for breakfast, cook with it, use it in brines & cures- all kinds of things. The best part is, the hives this honey is made from are less than 1 mile from the Red Lion, in Enford.

Eaux de Vie:

Bruce Perry at Eaux de Vie has worked at our side to develop a collection of whisky, digestifs and spirits they we are certain suit our guests perfectly. We've got a strong assembly of American things- Britt being American and all- but don't hold that against us. It's all very special, quality, hand-picked, top shelf stuff that's sure to please. Bruce really know stuff too and has done an excellent job of educating us all on each individual item we stock.

Indigo Antiques:

Oh, do we love Indigo. And not only because Tom worked for the RL and Sue makes outstanding coffee (usually served with some kind of naughty baked good), but because Marion and Richard have some pretty good furniture too. Britt chose quite a few pieces to adorn her precious Troutbeck; she loved how each piece brought colour, personality and a bit of age to each room. Though the furniture is brought over from Asia, all of it is lovingly restored in their workshop less than 10 minutes away in Manningford Bruce. Worth a visit if you're in the market, for sure.

Yapp Brothers:

Specialist in French wines and good chaps to boot. Specialist Wine Merchant of the Year for the Rhone, Languedoc-Roussillon and regional France in 2015. Their quirky attention to bottle labels and illustrations runs into their enthusiasm for fabulous wines which they take the time and effort to seek out, plus relying on some great relationships with growers which continue over the generations of the firm.